2021-09-29 05:00Press release

Niam adds new hires within HR & Finance

Hanna Bedinger & Joakim SöderlundHanna Bedinger & Joakim Söderlund

Niam expands its headquarters in Stockholm with Hanna Bedinger as Head of Human Resources and Joakim Söderlund as Legal Counsel & Tax Specialist.

In recent years, Hanna Bedinger has worked with HR at Datscha and as an HR consultant for Niam. Prior to that, she worked within the Stronghold Group for several years. On November 15, Hanna will take on the role as Head of Human Resources at Niam.

“I have followed Niam's work for a long time and am very much looking forward to now becoming a part of this strong team. The expertise and drive that exists at Niam is impressive and a large part of the company's success. In my role, I want to further strengthen these qualities and establish a clear focus on HR”, says Hanna Bedinger.

Most recently, Joakim Söderlund worked at Wistrand Advokatbyrå, where he covered Niam for several years. On September 27, he will take on the role as Legal Counsel & Tax Specialist at Niam.

Niam has had a strong transaction year, with a total of ~€2.1 billion in divestments and acquired a total of ~€520 million, which has been a result of, and a reason for strengthening the team. Niam continues to grow in all markets and today has 87 employees.

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About Niam AB

Niam is one of northern Europe's leading fund managers with a focus on investments in real estate and infrastructure. Since its inception in 1998, Niam has offered institutional investors the opportunity to invest in the Nordic real estate market through their funds. With extensive experience and expertise, the focus is on identifying and implementing improvements that create the best properties for our tenants and the communities where they are located with the goal of meeting both current and future needs. For the past 23 years, Niam has invested in properties of more than €11.5 billion and today they manage a property portfolio of approximately €2.4 billion. Niam Infrastructure focus on sustainable investments within renewable energy, transportation and telecom in the Nordics and northern Europe. The platform's first fund concentrates on small to medium-sized investments with a focus on asset aggregation and risk reduction in primarily sustainable infrastructure. Niam has more than 85 employees with offices in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen and Luxembourg. For more information, please visit www.niam.com.


Rikard Henriksson
Managing Partner
Rikard Henriksson