2020-11-24 14:01Press release

Niam appoints Jennifer Andersson and Rikard Henriksson as Managing Partners

The Board of Directors of Niam has appointed Jennifer Andersson and Rikard Henriksson as Managing Partners.

“Niam is one of the leading real estate fund managers in northern Europe and we are continuously evaluating various investment strategies to further strengthen and broaden our offerings. Jennifer and Rikard’s solid industry experience, genuine knowledge of the company and the organization as well as their complementary leadership styles are factors that will contribute to our continued growth and success,” says Urban Edenström, CEO of Stronghold Invest and founder of Niam.

Jennifer Andersson and Rikard Henriksson have been acting as Managing Partners since August 2020 and been with the firm since 2007 and 2010, respectively. Jennifer was previously Head of Investor Relations and Business Development and Rikard as Head of Asset Management.

“Jennifer and Rikard are well equipped to lead Niam into the next phase. Our ambition is to be the market-leading fund manager in our industry and we have recently strengthened our team through a series of recruitments, and look forward to new business opportunities and continued expansion ahead,” says Johan Bergman, Chairman of Niam.

For further information about Niam, please contact:
Jennifer Andersson, Managing Partner
+46 8 5175 85 59, jennifer.andersson@niam.com

Rikard Henriksson, Managing Partner
+46 8 5175 85 63, rikard.henriksson@niam.com  

Niam is a leading real estate private equity firm in Northern Europe with real estate assets under management of approximately €3.7 billion. We offer global institutions the opportunity to invest in the Nordic property markets. Niam was established in 1998 and has invested over €11 billion since inception. We have a fully integrated investment team of more than 70 dedicated real estate professionals with experience across all major asset classes. Niam is headquartered in Stockholm and has offices in Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Luxembourg. For more information, please visit www.niam.com.

About Niam AB

Niam is its employees. We pride ourselves on being the best partner to our tenants, investors and the local community. Since inception in 1998, Niam has consistently outperformed through all real estate cycles. Today we are one of the largest private property owners in the Nordics, headquartered in Stockholm with local offices in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Luxembourg.


Jennifer Andersson
Managing Partner
Jennifer Andersson