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Niam develops properties of the future with an investment in open 5G technology

Jennifer Andersson, Managing Partner Niam & Ove Anebygd, CEO Netmore. In background: 
Stockholm Harbor Front DevelopmentJennifer Andersson, Managing Partner Niam & Ove Anebygd, CEO Netmore. In background: Stockholm Harbor Front Development

Niam and Netmore are initiating an extensive partnership that will begin with a pilot in Niam's properties in the new district of Värtahamnen, Stockholm and in selected properties in the other Nordic countries. Thereafter, the ambition is to roll out the open 5G technology in large parts of Niam's property portfolio in the Nordic region. Netmore delivers a turnkey 5G solution (5G-as-a-service) that enables both property owners and mobile network operators to offer 5G services on site.

Jennifer Andersson, Managing Partner at Niam, says, “Niam is constantly focused on creating the most attractive and sustainable properties for our tenants. With this collaboration, Niam will be one of the first Nordic property owners to offer their tenants true 5G connectivity indoors. Our tenants will be able to benefit from the latest state-of-the-art technology with significantly improved IT security offerings compared to what was possible before 5G.

We are very proud of this partnership and look forward showcasing the solution live to potential tenants and stakeholders in our near-term pilots”.

Netmore's solution enables Niam as a property owner to get full control and access to the digital environment within the building. The solution will thereby enhance the property's digitalization and enable a secure and efficient property management.

In addition to 5G compatibility, Netmore's solution offers support for fiber connection, Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN, which is a technology that enables additional connectivity for devices in the building, so-called IoT.

Ove Anebygd, CEO of Netmore, says, “We have, together with Niam, utilized the unique qualities of 5G, which have the potential to disrupt the ecosystem for indoor connectivity. The technology will be a complement but also offer additional alternatives and standards. A new market will emerge as 5G compatible computers and mobile phones are gradually being rolled out. Access to a 5G connection will be a prerequisite for property owners who wants to offer an indoor environment with the highest productivity and efficiency standards to its tenants.

We are pleased that Niam has chosen our open 5G solution, that has been specifically developed for a new market where property owners play a central role. As a 5G operator with focus on real estate and IoT, we enable property owners to strengthen their net operating income, while mobile operators are offered access to the new 5G infrastructure”.

Maintenance and management of the network is handled by Netmore, who will ensure that the technology is of highest quality and positioned to handle the requirements from emerging 5G applications.

For more information about Niam, please contact:
Jennifer Andersson, Managing Partner Niam
+46 8 5175 85 59, jennifer.andersson@niam.com  

For more information about Netmore, please contact:
Ove Anebygd, CEO Netmore
+46 705 195 798, ove.anebygd@netmoregroup.com 
More information about Netmore's 5G-concept: Open Access 5G Networks - Netmore Group 

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Jennifer Andersson
Managing Partner
Jennifer Andersson