2008-02-06 14:46Press release

Niam Fund IV: One of Europe's largest property funds

Will invest between €2.5 and €3.0 billion

The Swedish private equity company Niam is now launching its fourth property fund with approximately €700 million of equity and an investment capacity of €2.5 to €3.0 billion.

With its €2.5 to €3.0 billion investment capacity, Niam Fund IV is one of the largest opportunistic property funds in Europe. The investors are a number of global financial institutions and pension funds. The capital in the new fund will target the Nordic and Baltic countries, and include everything from new projects to existing properties with development potential.

Niam Fund IV will focus on office, commercial and logistics properties with an acquisition value of at least €75 million. The capital will be invested both through Niam’s own organisations in Sweden, Finland and Norway and through collaborative partners.

“We can acquire individual properties, entire property portfolios or engage in company acquisitions," says Johan Bergman, CEO of Niam. A good example of Niam’s previous approach to projects are the new Stockholm Waterfront office, hotel and conference facility, which are under construction in the centre of Stockholm, and of which Niam was initially one of two main owners.

Holdings in the previous fund, Niam Fund III, are marked by two major property portfolios in Finland, office blocks in the Marievik and Globen districts in Stockholm and Rimi’s head office and central storage in Latvia.

Niam Fund III is fully invested.

About Niam AB

Niam, founded in 1998, is a leading private equity real estate firm in Northern Europe. Our head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and we have local offices in the Nordic capital cities of Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen. Niam has one of the largest real estate teams specifically focused on the Nordic Region. We recognize that our core strength is our people and our success is dependent upon attracting and developing the top real estate professionals in the region. Simply stated…Niam is people. Niam strives to be the Partner of Choice for Nordic real estate. Our network encompasses strong relationships that extend over decades with leading global institutional investors, European banks, tenants, municipalities and the local community. Our top managers average over 26 years of direct real estate experience. It is this collection of knowledge that makes Niam the Partner of Choice.