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Niam Infrastructure invests in new railway link to Boden Industrial Park

Railway infrastructure BodenNiam Infrastructure is part in developing a critical railway infrastructure project connecting Boden Industrial Park to the main railway line, Malmbanan.

Niam Infrastructure is pleased to announce its participation in developing a critical railway infrastructure project connecting Boden Industrial Park (BIP) to the main railway line, Malmbanan. This new railway line will facilitate direct access to the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), enhancing connectivity and supporting the region's industrial growth.

Boden Municipality and H2 Green Steel have contracted Polar Structure to construct and operate the new railway line. This project represents a significant investment in the future of green steel production, a vital step towards achieving 100% fossil-free steel. By financing this project, Niam Infrastructure is proud to contribute to the essential rail infrastructure that will enable this transformation.

Sverker Åkerblom, CEO of Niam Infrastructure, emphasized the strategic importance of this collaboration:

"We are very pleased to partner up with Polar Structure to deliver critical transport infrastructure that will support the large-scale industrialization in northern Sweden. The ongoing decarbonization of transport relies on massive investments in infrastructure, with railways playing a crucial role in this transition. We look forward to working closely with Polar and Boden Municipality in delivering this project."

Tobias Emanuelsson, CEO of Polar Structure, highlighted the broader economic impact:

"At Polar Structure, we are committed to fostering sustainable industrial growth and supporting the green transition. The new railway extension to H2 Green Steel and Boden Industrial Park underscores our commitment to enhancing society-critical infrastructure. This initiative will strengthen the local economy in Boden and set a benchmark for future projects focused on upgrading and building new infrastructure essential for Sweden's industrial development."

Background on the project

The Malmbanan railway line, part of the designated TEN-T network, holds international significance within the EU’s comprehensive core transportation infrastructure. It serves as a critical transportation link, connecting the mining area in northern Sweden to the port of Luleå as well as the port of Narvik in Norway, facilitating the export of iron ore and other goods. This railway line is crucial for Sweden and Norway's economies, especially as the mining and steel industries transition to fossil-free iron and steel production. The Malmbanan's role in transporting essential products, critical minerals, and metals is increasingly important for European industry.

About Niam Infrastructure

Niam Infrastructure focuses on sustainable investments within renewable energy, transport, and telecom in the Nordic and Northern European regions. Our first fund targets small to medium-sized investments, emphasizing asset aggregation and risk reduction in sustainable infrastructure. Supported by the European Union under the InvestEU Fund, we leverage innovation, deep knowledge, and close collaboration with our partners to drive a greener and more sustainable future.

This operation benefits from support from the European Union under the InvestEU Fund.

For further information, please contact:
Sverker Åkerblom, CEO, Niam Infrastructure
+46 723 88 18 93, Sverker.Akerblom@niam.com

Tobias Emanuelsson, CEO, Polar Structure AB
+46 738 391 810, tobias@polarstructure.se

Photo: Peder Hansson / Polar Structure 

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Sverker Åkerblom
CEO, Niam Infrastructure
Sverker Åkerblom