2021-08-26 10:00Press release

Niam launches infrastructure platform

Niam, one of the largest private property owners in the Nordics, has launched a new infrastructure investment platform called Niam Infrastructure. Since 1998, the real estate company has offered institutional investors the opportunity to invest in Nordic properties with an aggregate investment volume of €11.5 billion since inception. Niam is now expanding its offering to include infrastructure, focused on sustainable infrastructure investments in the Nordic region and Northern Europe.

Niam Infrastructure has established a Stockholm-based team led by Sverker Åkerblom who has 15 years of experience in energy and infrastructure, most recently from BlackRock, where he was in charge of renewable energy investments in Continental Europe. Niam Infrastructure has launched its first fund, which had its first close during the summer and is expected to announce its first investment shortly. The fund will target small to medium-sized investments with a focus on asset aggregation and risk reduction in primarily Nordic sustainable infrastructure.

Sverker Åkerblom, Founding Partner of Niam Infrastructure, says, “Niam has a unique position to build a leading Nordic infrastructure investment platform. The infrastructure team will work closely with Niam’s existing real estate team to deliver synergies for all our investors and together we will work tirelessly to become the leading Nordic investor in real assets. I am very proud to be able to launch this new platform and look forward to delivering great investments to our clients.”

Jennifer Andersson, Managing Partner, comments, “In recent years, we have seen a clear increase in demand for infrastructure. For Niam to launch this platform is a natural next step in our long-term strategy to become the leading Nordic manager in real assets. We strongly believe in the opportunities we have seen in this sector and with our dedicated infrastructure team, led by Sverker, we have the ability to deliver infrastructure investments at a fast pace and with a good risk-adjusted return to our investors.

We continue our strong commitment to fundraising, investment pace and active management in the real estate market and the team behind it remains.”

For more information about Niam Infrastructure, please contact:
Sverker Åkerblom, Head of Niam Infrastructure
+46 723 88 18 93, Sverker.Akerblom@niam.com

For more information about Niam, please contact:
Jennifer Andersson, Managing Partner
+46 8 5175 8559, Jennifer.Andersson@niam.com

About Niam AB

Niam is one of northern Europe's leading fund managers with a focus on investments in real estate and infrastructure. Since its inception in 1998, Niam has offered institutional investors the opportunity to invest in the Nordic real estate market through their funds. With extensive experience and expertise, the focus has been on identifying and implementing improvements that create the best properties for our tenants and the communities where they are located with the goal of meeting both current and future needs. For the past 23 years, Niam has invested in properties of more than €11.5 billion and today they manage a property portfolio of approximately €2.4 billion. Niam Infrastructure focus on sustainable investments within renewable energy, transportation and telecom in the Nordics and northern Europe. The platform's first fund concentrates on small to medium-sized investments with a focus on asset aggregation and risk reduction in primarily sustainable infrastructure. Niam has more than 85 employees with offices in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen and Luxembourg. For more information, please visit www.niam.com.


Sverker Åkerblom
CEO, Niam Infrastructure
Sverker Åkerblom