2007-12-04 14:59Press release

Niam Sells Stockholm Properties to Fabege

Niam has sold the famous Dagens Nyheter skyscraper (Trängkåren 7), which is a Stockholm landmark, and another Stockholm city center office building (Grönlandet Södra 13) to the listed Swedish property company Fabege.

The sold properties were part of a portfolio which Niam acquired from the Norwegian company Acta Kapitalförsäkring in October last year. Besides Trängkåren 7 and Grönlandet Södra 13, the portfolio included three other assets (e.g., the Electrolux headquarters) in Stockholm and in Lund. One of these, the headquarters of Biovitrum, was sold to PRUPIM in May 2007.

Johan Bergman, Managing Director of Niam, comments: “The remaining assets in the portfolio are those that Niam can develop. We are planning to build an extension to the building in Lund, which Ericsson sublets, and to develop the Electrolux headquarters building further during 2008.”

About Niam AB

Niam, founded in 1998, is a leading private equity real estate firm in Northern Europe. Our head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and we have local offices in the Nordic capital cities of Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen. Niam has one of the largest real estate teams specifically focused on the Nordic Region. We recognize that our core strength is our people and our success is dependent upon attracting and developing the top real estate professionals in the region. Simply stated…Niam is people. Niam strives to be the Partner of Choice for Nordic real estate. Our network encompasses strong relationships that extend over decades with leading global institutional investors, European banks, tenants, municipalities and the local community. Our top managers average over 26 years of direct real estate experience. It is this collection of knowledge that makes Niam the Partner of Choice.