2016-08-23 11:00Press release

Niam strengthens its organization with new recruitments

Niam has made four hires to strengthen the team. The new employees will be Marcus Kruus who has been hired as a Director on the Acquisitions team, Christian Holmberg who has been hired as a Director on the Finance team and will be Head of Financing, Christian Alvarez who will be the Chief Accountant and Henrik Wagtberg who will be Associate Director on the Asset Management team in Denmark.

Mr. Marcus Kruus was previously director and fund manager at Obligo, and was responsible for the company's operations in Luxembourg and management of its two European property funds. Mr. Kruus is a graduate engineer from Chalmers University of Technology and holds an MBA degree from the University of Gothenburg.

Prior to Niam, Mr. Christian Holmberg was the Director and Client Executive at Aareal Bank Sverige, with responsibilities for property financing in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Estonia and has previously worked as management consultant and financial analyst. Mr. Holmberg has a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering with specialization in finance and IT, from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (The Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm.

Niam Fund Accounting AB has hired Mr. Christian Alvarez as Chief Accountant. Mr. Alvarez was previously a controller and accountant at the Svenska Kommunalarbetarförbundet. Prior to that, he worked in accounting for Evry Shared Services AB.

Niam A/S Denmark has hired Mr. Henrik Wagtberg as Associated Director, Asset Management, with primary responsibility for strengthening Niam’s leasing efforts. Mr. Wagtberg previously worked at Castellum and Aberdeen as Asset Manager.

For more information, please contact:
Johan Bergman, CEO, Niam AB
+46 8 5175 85 95, johan.bergman@niam.se

For further information about Niam:
Jennifer Andersson, Head of Investor Relations & Business Development
+ 46 8 5175 85 59, jennifer.andersson@niam.se

Niam is the leading real estate private equity firm in Northern Europe with real estate assets under management of approximately €3 billion. Niam offers global institutions the opportunity to invest in the Nordic property markets. Niam was established in 1998 and has invested over€6.3 billion through its own funds since 2000. Niam has a fully integrated investment team of 50 dedicated real estate professionals with experience across all major asset classes. The company is headquartered in Stockholm and has offices in Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen. For more information, please visit www.niam.com

About Niam AB

Niam, founded in 1998, is a leading private equity real estate firm in Northern Europe. Our head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and we have local offices in the Nordic capital cities of Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen. Niam has one of the largest real estate teams specifically focused on the Nordic Region. We recognize that our core strength is our people and our success is dependent upon attracting and developing the top real estate professionals in the region. Simply stated…Niam is people. Niam strives to be the Partner of Choice for Nordic real estate. Our network encompasses strong relationships that extend over decades with leading global institutional investors, European banks, tenants, municipalities and the local community. Our top managers average over 26 years of direct real estate experience. It is this collection of knowledge that makes Niam the Partner of Choice.